About People & Planet

The mission of TreeVelop People & Planet is to facilitate integral leadership and build capacities to connect people and our planet.

Working on the mission of TreeVelop People & Planet means working on all levels: From individual healing to ecological agriculture projects and from civil society capacity building to evolutionary change management.

TreeVelop People & Planet works with partners on promoting and implementing sustainable lifestyles. Founding Board members Christy Duijvelaar and Giel Verbeeck intend TreeVelop People & Planet to grow into a network based on ‘collective individualism’. We see our projects, actions, initiatives and our lives themselves mesh into practical applications of sustainable lifestyles. Inspiring and training people from Kosovar youth to Dutch childcare centres and from Belarusian NGOs to Bosnian water companies.

The activities of TreeVelop People & Planet consist of providing workshops, inspiring people, fundraising for projects, writing articles, ECOtherapy, personal and organisational development. In this way we are ‘treeveloping’ sustainable lifestyle examples. Over time these may take the physical shape of our dream.