ECOtherapy & lightwork

Everything consists of energy. Human beings can amplify and give direction to this energy through attention and intention. This is at the core of ECOtherapy and Lightwork.

ECOtherapy improves the vitality and health of ecosystems and human systems, such as companies, NGOs or households, on any scale and at every part of the wholeness. ECOtherapy effectively results in:

  • A more balanced organization, smoother communication, better production and a stronger financial situation;
  • Improved realization of set goals, while at the same time experiencing more peace and relaxation;
  • Increased resilience of the ecosystem, company or organization.


What is Lightwork? Well, it all has to do with learning to accept your current reality and moving yourself from there into the spotlight of your own life. A lightworker assists you in organising your personal energy such that you feel increasingly comfortable with yourself, your body and your environment. From a state of rooted relaxation it is possible to sense your way forward, to feel the red line of your life and to come closer to who you really are. A lightworker uses his/her intuition and energy healing and reading skills and tools.

Christy Duijvelaar is a second year student at the ECOtherapy vocational training and a certified lightworker educated at the school for intuitive development ‘Mens & Intuitie’ in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. Christy graduated and received her lightworker certificate on 13 November 2009.

Besides individual sessions Christy develops and organises specific and tailor made workshops, jointly with TreeVelop associates. For example the Workshop Personal Equilibrium, four times one day throughout a year – living, growing and developing energetically with the seasons.

The price for an individual session of 45-50 minutes is 50 EUR (exclusive VAT).