Spiral Dynamics Integral

  • Do you recognize the values behind the (un)conscious choices in your life?
  • Are you aware of what motivates you?
  • Is change or a new direction in work, study or personal life on your wish list?
  • Do you understand and manage the cultural differences at work or in your community?
  • Is true evolutionary leadership a natural next step in your development?
  • Does your team need fresh input to be aligned for the next decade?
  • Are you looking for a new tool and standing expertise for the selection and/or facilitation of multinational (project)teams? 


Spiral Dynamics Integral (SDi) provides insight in the value system behind our thinking and acting. By analysing and understanding your value system you increase your self-consciousness; thus the ability to adapt your behaviour to your circumstances and actual environment. Changing your behaviour consciously based on understanding your value system is a powerful tool to feel more fit at work, have more control over your life and find your ‘place to be’. For organisations and (project) teams increased insight in the value systems of their people provides opportunities for increased mutual understanding, better cooperation, enhanced effectiveness of the team and growing personal leadership of each team-member.