the Green Giraffe

The Green Giraffe promotes sustainable childcare centres in the Netherlands through an annual prize in four categories: daycare (age 0-4), after-school care (age 4-12), large childcare organisations with multiple branches and the newcomers in the childcare sector (started >2012). Moreover, the Green Giraffe provides consultancy services and inspirational workshops, meetings and events for entrepreneurs as well as staff in the Dutch childcare sector. Through its website the Green Giraffe provides a platform for the exchange of information, experience and kick-off of networking.

The Green Giraffe checklist is an excellent tool to assess the actual status of sustainability in your childcare centre. So, even if you are not (yet) in the position to win the Green Giraffe, you right away see where improvements can be made and challenges are waiting to be taken up.

The Green Giraffe has been initiated by plan D. TreeVelop People & Planet is the sustainability expert partner from its birth.