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TreeVelop delivers the best possible solutions through functional and flexible project design, management, implementation and evaluation.

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A passion for people, planet, projects and processes; proposing authenticity, respectfulness and sustainability.


Christy Duijvelaar (Dutch) has 25 years of working experience with the design, implementation and monitoring of environmental projects and their stakeholders in Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and the Benelux. She holds an MSc. degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Wageningen, the Netherlands. Christy’s deepest interest concerns the process of realizing true sustainable development, be it for individuals, projects or organisations.

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Giel Verbeeck, (Dutch) provides consultancy services to (water) utility companies and authorities in Eastern Europe, Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East. For 20 years he has worked on water sector reform, corporate and sector restructuring, business and investment planning, Management Information Systems and financial modelling. Over the last years he is working increasingly on water utility regulation and tariffs. Clients like to work with Giel because of his open mind, analytical skills and direct approach.

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