Vision & Values

Our 21st century life is connecting personal relationships to global ones. Our own development is linked with our roles at work and at home; the examples our parents gave us affect how we behave to our children; our sports club links us into the local community; our use of energy affects the larger environment; the understanding of our cultural background relates to the decision on how we live our lives….

Our vision is a growing number of individuals living their lives sustainably for themselves, their families, the society and the environment. Doing so requires constant learning, reflection, sensing and balancing.

TreeVelop actions and services are:

  • firmly rooted;
  • using local resources;
  • growing organically;
  • improving local environment;
  • providing sustainable yield;
  • creating sprouts.

This means we expect and deliver:

  • High quality performance and respectful relations with all stakeholders at all levels;
  • Full responsibility for personal performance, based on extensive freedom, abundant creativity and continuous learning opportunities;
  • Conscious, sustainable and evolutionary development into a direction of increasing complexity, understanding, skills, diversity, etc.;
  • Web-based open source project implementation, open to input, feedback and widely accessible to all stakeholders.